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ArtistTitleRelease DatePrice
Arctic MonkeysAm (CD)9/10/2013$13.25
Arctic MonkeysBrianstorm (Ep) (3 Tracks) (CD)4/17/2007$7.24
Arctic MonkeysFavourite Worst Nightmare (CD)4/24/2007$13.25
Arctic MonkeysHumbug (CD)8/25/2009$14.49
Arctic MonkeysInterview: Maximum (CD)1/13/2009$12.25
Arctic MonkeysLate Night Tales (Cd) (CD)6/17/2014$14.00
Arctic MonkeysLeave Before The Lights Come O (CD Single)10/10/2006$6.80
Arctic MonkeysSuck It And See (CD)6/7/2011$13.25
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am Thats (CD)2/14/2006$13.25
Arctic MonkeysWhen The Sun Goes Down (Ep) (CD)1/24/2006$7.24